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Bi-metall holesaws (M3) with variable pitch – thick back design –

The Vario pitch guarantees
Low vibration – thus less heat build-up when cutting = longer edge life
Higher truth of running
even cut

Depth of cut up to a max. 32 mm

Field of application
Steel non ferrous heavy metal and light metal, casting, wood, with nails, plywood panels, gypsum plaster board and synthetic material

Field of application and operative range
Electricians heating fitters and sanitary plumbers, metal working for hand drills and upright drilling machines

Application notes
to achieve a perfect saw cut, please observe the rotational speed table use coolant (cutting oil for metals) make sure that chippings and shavings are removed regularly in order to prevent overheating of the hole saw

measurement: 33 mm
rotation: rotation in metall: 260
rotation in cast iron pipe: 175

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